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Recruiting V/s hiring Manpower from a supplier

Updated: May 5, 2022

For companies undertaking projects need varying numbers of manpower at each stage of the project.The unavailability of right manpower without shortage may lead to project backlogs or unable to complete the project in stipulated timeframe.To overcome this,the companies depend upon labour suppliers and hire required number of workers for their project.This helps contractors in many aspects,not only to complete their project before deadline but also to complete the work without investing the money and time required for to bring required workers from abroad.Overall hiring manpower from a manpower supplier has many advantages over recruiting the workers directly from abroad/locally for your project.Some of the advantages are

  1. Workers are ready to be supplied and available on a short notice as immediately as nextday onwards

  2. Contractors dont need to invest money or their precious time for bringing these workers which could cost them thousands of dollars and months of their time (if not weeks) to directly recruit

  3. They dont need to manage the workers outside of the work site as the supplier is responsible for that (in Abudhabi and some other northern emirates, accomodation,transportation and food or food allowance also might be provided by the client/contractor)

  4. They can be removed or replaced on a short notice

  5. Overall costs and risks are less than maintaining permanent workfoce

Apart from all these contractors ends up spending more per/hour for their permanent staff when compared to hiring them from a supplier.For eg: to maintain a permanent employee drawing a basic salary of 1200+allowances,the contractors will have an expenditure of atleast 18-25dh/hour, taking into account their overtime rate,visa costs,yearly benefits.gratuity,Accomodation,food,transportation charges etc

whereas they can easily hire the required labours from a supplier atleast 20-30% less than this rate risk free.To be concise hiring manpower from a supplier is more economical and provides more value for your money

Overall considering the large amount and time needed to bringing a foreign labour for your immeadiate project will not be a good decision especially in the uncertain markets.To offset the issue most leading contractors keep a ratio (say 50:50 or 60:40) by recruiting half of their staff and hire the rest from the supplier temporarily.

As a manpower supplier we have provided our services to many of the leading contractors and were part of most of UAE's iconic projects.We are at your service and please Contact us for any requirement of manpower for your project of any size or scale

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